DapperEDden Dinner Party


The DapperEDden Dinner Party.

Last month we had the opportunity to share the newest member of the Erganic Design family :
The DapperEDden.

What is The DapperEDden you ask? It is a space where conversation flows, and atmosphere is limited only by what you can imagine. It is this… it is that… it is everything. We created “the original mobile mancave experience” to provide an outlet to every gentleman. Whether he’s a fashion-dandy-dude, a sports fanatic, a scotch or cigar enthusiast, a collector of rare automobiles, or just an everyday dude –The DapperEDden creates the ultimate experiential place as unique as the guests who attend. And the best part is…the experience will be different each and every time.

To introduce some of our favorite people to our new brand, we created the first annual ultimate “DapperEDden Dinner” party. We included some of the most popular mobile mancave experiential options (cigars, single malt scotch tasting, amazing food, and an opportunity to be silly…)


The event design featured reds, ivory, grays and metals. Texture and square shapes. Masculine yet inviting to the feminine sensibilities.

Photography by Joshua Dwaine.


Double sided menu-place cards. All text in gold.




Food is so important. Great food is paramount.






A mobile mancave isn’t complete without a cigar roller {a staple of the DapperEDden}






Yes… the ladies love cigars too.



What’s a good cigar without a great brown beverage to sip with it? {We’re not a sure either}…

We had a whisk(e)y tasting featuring 3 french single-malt whiskies, and 1 single malt scotch.
{Beverage tastings are another staple of the DapperEDden}.


We also had some entertainment. Well…to be specific…the guests became the entertainment.
Introducing: Flipbook {What is a Flipbook?}


Instead of static photos… there are 7 seconds of motion {7 seconds for you to be silly}…


{or nonsensical}…


{or just plain ridiculous}…


{Or just laugh the whole time}…


Then this clever little booklet is created. And you can re-live your 7 seconds over and over and over.


The best part of our dinner, was having great company.

A DapperEDden dudes discussion…



Thank you to all who joined us! We appreciate your support as we embark upon this new journey.


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