New York City (surprise) birthday fete!


Plan a luxurious New York City (surprise) birthday fete you say? And for 3 people? No problem.

This was just the type of event, the Erganic Design team LOVES to create. Luxury, surprise, and fete — was all we needed to hear, before our minds were spinning with ideas!

Take the following ingredients:

A rolls royce phantom,
A loft with amazing views,
Divine food & drink,
Live Jazz music by a talented sax and piano player,
Award winning photographer & cinematographer,
Styled florals and decor, fit for the discerning eye,
A beautifully scumptuous cake,
A custom movie,
and Carnegie Hall,

Choreograph them all…and you get an UNFORGETTABLE dream evening!

Here’s the story: Polina (the daughter) wanted to surprise her mother for her milestone birthday (we won’t mention her age, even though you wouldn’t believe us after seeing the below pics). Her mother was coming to New York City for the first time ever (from Russia), and although the trip itself was a big deal, Polina wanted to make her birthday even more special. So she enlisted us to come up with something, a little extraordinary.

It was our pleasure.

The photos will *tell* it all!  New York City (surprise) birthday fete!

One of our fave’s…

Colors: golds, with ivory, blush, dusty rose, pinks


One of the few times, we design the florals to be at eye level to block views from the other side. This created a “privacy wall” of sorts. To keep it all intimate for the 3 guests of honor!

Table settings are very important…


Sipping champagne… mother and daughter, so elegant…

Bring the twilight in… with candles everywhere!


Did we mention the amazing sax and piano player?

After dinner…

Have some cake..

Sparklers on birthday cakes are a MUST




Dinner, and now a movie. A movie of well wishes from Russia!


It’s all in the smiles.

After the movie of well wishes, they headed off to Carnegie hall for a concert. After the concert they took a tour of new york city…
in the phantom Rolls Royce of course!

Special thanks to these amazing vendors:
venue: Studio 450
Food & drink: Union Square Events
Photography: Cody Raisig
Cinematographer: Orange Films
Music: Javier Arau, New York Jazz Academy
Rolls Royce Phantom: Silverstar
Rentals: Party Rentals Ltd
Design & Florals: Erganic Design 


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    Great party idea. I know everyone would love to surprise their friends or special someone with this kind of birthday event. Thanks.
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