Designing Christmas Dinner {A New Spin on Old Traditions}


This year, we had a family dinner just the four of us (me, hubby & our 2 sons).

We took out our wedding china, crystal and flatware, created a yummy menu (with Lamb as the focal), and added some table drama.  The color palette was eggplant & silver, with a variety of analogous shades {Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs.  In this case, eggplant (purple), with deep pink and dark reds.}

Our house is an old house; built in 1918 as a tudor cottage, it has seen only 3 owners before us.  Lots of family {history} and lots of charm.  We love this old house, with all its wood and details.  It inspires us daily.

To keep Christmas dinner formal, we set the table with linens & place cards; but to keep it from being too stuffy, we used nicknames such as Milo 3.0 (our 3 yr old son is Milo III), and LJ (Little Judson is our 18 month old); mommy for me, and papa for my husband (also known as Milo Jr).  Our centerpiece was a manzanita branch with hanging crystals, which sat in a brushed silver vase.  The deep red of the manzanita branch was a perfect hue to compliment the tones of our dining room chairs.  We used tree bark stumps as platforms for pillar candles, and had clear glass pedestals with floating silver candles.

I love our china pattern.  6 years ago, when we selected this Vera Wang set, we decided we wanted a simple look, with clean and sophisticated details.  There is an etched square pattern around the edges along with a silver trim detail.  All else is bone china.  Our flatware (kate spade), is very heavy, and very modern.  The ends have a squared swoop that allows each piece to sit on the table.  We love that we can use this in less formal settings, yet it can be perfect for very formal occasions.  Versatility is perfection.

Our menu includes our family monogram, and colors from the design palette.   We will keep these menus {along with all of the great family photos from each Christmas}.

It is always a great idea to use the food to accentuate color and emphasize texture.  The red velvet cupakes were in a glass stand, with ribbon tied around it.  The cupcakes themselves served as decor:)

For some added DIY (do it yourself) touches, a simple mason jar works well as a vase.  Spray paint it with silver, and it adds just enough “pop!”  Baby’s breath was the only flower on the table; it is very simple and delicate.

It keeps the look cozy.

As a beverage we had pomegranate raspberry margaritas {for the parents} and acai pomegranate & peach tea {for the kids}.  All delish, and all worked well with the color palette.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your families!!!

love, The Auguste Jr Clan

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  1. Sonji M. Peakes
    Saturday, January 1st, 2011
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to step up my presentation... I realize that attention to details makes a world of a difference. I also realize that life is to be lived!!!! Celebrate each and every moment with love!!!Thank you for helping me to see the possibilities that are before me...s



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